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“There are no words to describe how amazing the quality of the Heddys® HEBNC80 headphones are and how comfortably they sit over your ears.”
- Jonathon H. McKinnon, Vic
“I absolutely love my Heddys® noise cancellation headphones! The quality of the sound is incredible. Perfect for travelling or for just chilling out at home.”
- Cameron S. Melbourne Vic
“Finding Heddys® has changed my whole listening experience. The sound quality is amazing and I am free to be doing other things without being impeded by cords and wires. I am an avid podcast listener and love to learn and keep up to date while I am on the go. Heddys® makes commuting, exercising and waiting for appointments such an enjoyable experience. I have recommended them to all my friends and family who all love them too!”
- Catherine Robson, Founder, Affinity Private, Melbourne, Vic
"I am a frequent traveller and highly recommend Heddys® HEBNC80 headphone. Using these on flights makes for a completely different experience as you do not need to rely on the cheap headsets the airlines provide. The crisp quality of the sound and almost complete cancellation of noise in the background makes for a brilliant experience. And the thoughtful hard case to pack these away makes them very mobile and practical. 5 Stars!"
- Sanjay Shenoy CEO Airline Metrics Pty Ltd.
“I have a pair of the noise cancelling Heddys® and I absolutely love them. I wear them while I meditate to cut out the noise of my partner watching TV or cooking breakfast. I use them at the gym too, for cutting out the sound of weights dropping on the floor and excessive grunting. Helps me stay on track and keep focussed. Couldn't be happier with Heddys®.”
- Sarah C Melbourne
Super impressed with my Heddys®! The most comfortable headphones I've had, plus great sound quality, battery life and noise-cancellation. Great value and I would definitely recommend them!
- Chris P - Bentleigh East, Victoria
"These stylish headphones have completely changed the way I listen to music! The Heddys®' swipe technology allows me to freely listen to my music without the constraints of irritating wires, without compromising the sound quality. The best part about it all is that I can change the song and the volume without having to rummage around in my bag for my phone! Great for the gym or sitting on a busy train, and it doesn't hurt that they look so sleek."
- Natasha R, Aspendale Gardens, Vic
“I was delighted to discover Heddy’s noise cancelling headphones. They are awesome value - and the sound quality and noise cancelling is excellent. I’ve been listening to my favourite music the last few days whilst working and it’s very pleasant to hear the clarity of sound without interruption from other noises. Do yourself a favour - pick up a pair. They compare very favourably with other known brands that are much more expensive and better still they are designed right here by a local company in Melbourne."
- Hunter Leonard, Bentleigh, Victoria.
Going for my walk … Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Dog? Check. Heddys®? Check. With my Swipe Heddys® I’m all set to listen to my favourite radio station or one of many podcasts I enjoy or an audiobook without annoying wires. I love how my Heddys® seamlessly take an incoming call and resume whatever I was listening to at call’s end. Whilst out walking I can still hear traffic etc without impediment to the sound quality. What did I do before owning Heddys®? My Active Noise Cancelling Heddys® have taken my meditation practice to a new level. I become ensconced in a blissful, quiet sanctum … no distractions whatsoever. The comfort factor is exceptional. The Active Noise Cancelling Heddys® are the first thing I pack for long haul flights. I love the sensation of being cocooned high up in the clouds listening to music or watching a movie.
- Margaret F, Brisbane
'Hassle free and elegant- I love my Heddys® and wear them at the gym, the store, the street..! They are amazingly versatile and I love the design, the feel and most importantly how dependable and easy they are to use almost anywhere.'
- Michelle A, Bonbeach
The noise cancelling Heddys® headphones have been great! They are perfect for long plane or car trips as they are comfortable, have a great noise cancelling feature to drown out the sound of the engine and even come with a handy two pin aeroplane adaptor- all the while maintaining good sound quality. This combination of features made them perfect for watching movies and even sleeping on the plane! I wear them while studying often without music to help me focus better and block out any distractions. I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone!
- Alex H, Black Rock
Both my wife and I purchased the Heddys® Headphones some months ago and have used them frequently in the interim, without any problems whatsoever. We both enjoy them very much, especially their excellent sound quality, Bluetooth feature, ease of battery charging and the swipe feature. The battery life is approximately 12 hours plus, making it more convenient in this regard than some other similar models. They are very comfortable to wear and also help cut out/minimise other surrounding ambient noise levels. I have the folding version, which minimises the overall size of the device package. I personally think this is the preferred model, as it is so well designed and compact. We have no hesitation in making the above comments and would recommend their purchase to any prospective buyers.
- Charles & Erlie, Melbourne
I must say, after using so many other headphones, that nothing else I've tried comes anywhere close to the fantastic combination of style, comfort and great sound that I have found with both my Heddys® headphones. Love using my swipe headphones for my daily walks. It looks great, it feels great and it sounds great! And I couldn't do without my noise cancelling headphones in the evening when I want to shut out the distractions and focus on my bible study. I think they are incredible!!
- Lizzie S, Sydney
Recently purchased my Swipe Heddys®. They are absolutely fantastic. So easy to use and they look modern and super sleek. The best part is the hassle free, wireless Bluetooth technology which allows me to exercise without getting tangled up in wires. Really affordable too. I've recommended them to all of my friends. Absolutely LOVE them.
- Emma S, Sydney
Can't believe the sound quality and noise cancelling ability of my Heddys® HEBNC80. I use them all the time for exercising and mowing the lawn etc. love the convenience of not having wires and couldn't believe the price.
- Brett N, East Gippsland, Victoria
I absolutely love my Heddys®! I can quite honestly say they are what motivate me to go to the gym on those mornings when I'm looking for any excuse to just stay in bed. They are wireless (read: no annoying cords getting caught in the exercise equipment) and have superior sound quality (read: blocks out that annoying guy who's grunting and dropping weights on the floor) - those are my top two favourite things about them. And it doesn't hurt that they just look so cool. Thanks for getting me back to the gym, Heddys®!
- Yvette, Wollongong , NSW
had the pleasure of buying a set of Heddys® headphones for myself as a Christmas present. I bought the stylish white set and it hasn’t disappointed. The quality of the sound and the Bluetooth connection to my phone, tablet and computer works perfectly. In my opinion, the biggest drawcard is the swipe action for the volume and the forward and backward tracks. Awesome feature!
- Martine W, Chelsea Victoria