Active Noise Cancellation HEBNC80 wireless headphones


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The Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Heddys® passion for excellent sound quality and the latest in Bluetooth® rechargeable wireless headphone technology inspired us to engineer the first in our range of Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth® headphones. Our HEBNC80 are unique on the market because they provide the highest quality sound without the high price tag. Their great design also means our HEBNC80 are perfectly designed for the inner fitness fanatic in us all. Buy rechargeable wireless headphones online from Heddys® and discover the joy of high quality sound at an affordable price.

  • Superior sound quality
  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • Flick a switch, escape the noise
  • Receive calls (built in microphone)
  • No batteries required, fully rechargeable
  • Bluetooth® chipset CSR8645 w/apt-x
  • Noise –cancellation rate 90%
  • Charging time 3 hours via Micro USB
  • Operating range up to 10m
  • Battery life
    • Bluetooth® + Noise Cancelling 12 hours
    • Bluetooth® only 15 hours
    • Noise cancelling only 30 hours
  • Product weight 242g